I am
says the Lion at Noon:
take heart from the sunlight streaming through windows of
the space
you’re blessed to be in now,take it to heart,
the light playing tag with the clouds,
take it to heart,
the changeableness of the flag
flying either way in the breeze,
take it to heart,
the resoluteness of the trees
standing bare or clothed,
take it to heart,
the warmth or cold and the courage
each teaches,
the light dappling the beginning of  your day
whenever your day starts, whatever kind of light,
the luxury of time that is out of time
the syrup of light mixing with time to dissolve time…
the heartbreak of time
that can be overcome by light,
take that to heart;
the knowledge of the noon light,
keep it centered within you.
Know you’re worthy,
on your couch
or out in the street
lounging and loafing,
pushing and striving,your pace is set by the light,
the on and off of everything,the clatter and the silence,
the stop and go of it,
the dark and light of it,
the chiaroscuro,
the shadow falling on you
and the shadow suddenly dispelled for you,
the shadow dancing with you
the way the light dances with you.The Lion at Noon inside you
is steady: know your tempo
is set by the light,
paced by the light,
the steady light of the lion at noon,
no matter how it looks,
no matter how the light appears.

Finishing Line Press, February, 2015

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Text and Photograph Copyright, Margaret McCarthy, all rights reserved

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by Margaret McCarthy